Be Honest with Yourself – Every Journey Will Become Enjoyable and Interesting

In childhood, we are taught that “honesty is the best policy”. Parents to passers-by, everyone taught us to be honest in every act. Perhaps, we are teaching the same to our children as well. What our parents, teachers, relatives, and caregivers forget to tell us is that self-honesty is the first step towards disciplined and principled life and self-honesty is the foundation of honesty in our day-to-day activities.

Our mediocrity lies in not accepting ourselves as what we are with all our achievements, failures, and drawbacks. Most of us never face ourselves in fear of revealing something that we want to keep under the carpet, not from the world but from ourselves. It may sound weird but it is the ultimate truth. Somewhere in our mind, the “fear of truth” breeds silently and engulfs our thought process. It becomes so pervasive that we feel happy in the crowd of works, activities, and responsibilities. We feel happy in the crowd of people – talking, advising, interacting, debating, and contradicting. In the maze of life’s battle, we keep ourselves hiding. It’s like running a business not performing internal audits and appraising for years. One day, the owner finds a negative balance in the balance sheet.

Life becomes smooth-sailing, goals become clear, and progress is visible when we are honest to ourselves. It is like reviewing what we are and what we are not.

Overcoming the initial stages of fear, shame, and anxiety, you get a clear path to project your life. The works you were doing get new perspectives so also the relationships and responsibilities.

Scalability is important in every aspect of your life. Being honest to yourself lets you understand your shortfalls and advantages. This is an amazing and highly effective scale. Face yourself from time to time – it’s your familial, social, and professional appraisal.

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