Competitiveness brings comparison – Endure and evolve

Are you getting noticed? Are your product or service and customer service getting likes and dislikes? With time, as your activities in the market get momentum, you gain more attention from the buyers and prospects. Sometimes praised and sometimes trolled. Sometimes directly debated and sometimes doubted.

If this is happening you are on the right track. You are very much present in the market.

People recognize you or discussing your products means you have been able to create a market identity – a much-coveted target of all your competitions.

As your competitiveness fetches results, your brand is now compared with your competitors. This comparison is natural as you are not alone in the market. If you come in the comparison this means you are comparable with other brands in your genre. From your competitions’ perspective, your existence matters to them since the market is talking about you.

Respond to that comparison positively since it’s a sign of competitiveness.

Competitiveness and comparison complement each other. This means, if one exists, the other one is sure there. It makes clear that your brand matters, your brand has added value to the market, and your brand has set a standard.

Feel proud that you have gained that capacity when the market has started talking about you.

Now as you are being compared, don’t spare the opportunity to read people’s minds. Find what are those aspects consumers talking about most? Comparisons are always based on certain parameters like the look, weight, price, effectiveness, odour, and so on. parameters vary from sector to sector. Even if you are in the service sector like hotel and tourism or insurance, you will face a similar situation.

Endure the comparison. Feel proud but don’t be overwhelmed and overconfident.

Analyze the comparison parameters to enhance your competitiveness.

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