Dream Job: Opportunities, Challenges, and Responsibilities Not Status or Fame

Don’t look for a 100% compatible job. It never exists. As a candidate, your primary focus will be on the opportunities to grow. You should explore the challenges ahead and the resources or support you will enjoy. You should find the dynamism of organizational culture not the status of the position. The status of a position may carry weight but is useless when you are doing the same mundane jobs over and over again. If the position doesn’t bring any opportunity you’ll not grow.

If everything in a job position looks perfect, the employer is promising high or showing a big picture, or if the job is stuck in “ifs” and “buts”, give a second or third thought to it. When there are imperfections, employers hide many things to attract good candidates.

Check the workplace environment. If it is not possible at least find people who know it. Check what customers say? Check the retention and retrenchment history. Find who are working in the organization for years? Find whether the managers are “robots” or possess “human brains”? Don’t get excited to see the building, the beautiful desks and computers, or well-dressed people roaming around. Perfection may be a mask for hiding the drawbacks.

Dream job is where you are valued, your presence matters to the team, you are heard, you are given space, you are given challenges, your problems are taken care of, and leadership recognizes your contribution.

From the outside, it is tough to assess all these until you spend a few months with the organization. At least don’t get moved with the charming skin – look through

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