Circle of Core Competencies Define Your Current Status and Future Possibilities

Let’s not pretend. You are neither an encyclopedia nor a supercomputer fed with a world of data. You are a human with “limited” knowledge, skill, and experience. In any field, your knowledge is always limited with respect to the whole field. Even Sir Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawkins, and Peter Drucker had certain limitations and clearly defined proficiencies in their respective fields.

Thus, you have mastered certain subjects and you may have successfully accomplished some great projects. This is your “circle of core competencies”. This is your area where you reign and the people surrounding you know that well. Your circle of competencies clearly defines your capacity, knowledge, skill, and probable path of expansion.

Understanding your circle of core competencies is important for your career. Just not superficial understanding, in fact, a deeper understanding of the circle of core competencies is necessary. This circle defines your current position and helps you plan for the future.

The circle of Core Competencies is Empowerment!

Create your own circle of core competencies No one but you are the best individual to appraise your present status.

  • Know the center of the circle – core competencies

The center of the circle is the strongest area of your knowledge and skill. This is the area where you have gathered much experience and people in your circle know you are the master of this area. You frequently take decisions related to your jobs and responsibilities. You help colleagues to solve problems. Senior management values your decisions and suggestions.  This is the area of your core competencies.

  • Towards the circumference

As you proceed from the center of the circle towards the circumference your knowledge and skill slowly weaken. Your jobs and responsibilities need a frequent reference from these areas of competencies but you are not directly involved in this field(s). You have an interest in these parts of the job process because those are directly linked to your core competencies. If you get scope you can excel in these areas with reputation. There is a keen chance of including these fields in the area of core competencies with systematic training and learning.

  • Get to know the boundary well

Know the boundary, rather clearly define the boundary – it is more important than knowing the center of the circle. Beyond the boundary, you are either blank or not interested.

With a definitive circle of core competencies, you get a clear picture of your current skills and experience. You get to the broader aspect of your current work sphere and future possibilities. You also get to know how the organization contributes to your career goals.

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