A Bad Day Cannot Define Your Progress

The importance of personal and professional growth is realized when your life has a purpose. This can be called your growth mindset. When you realize the importance of growth in your life, you know the importance of progress. In this way, life’s purpose connects with progress.

When life has a purpose, you experience progress. Of course, progress doesn’t come sitting idle, planning, and procrastinating. Progress needs planning, attention, and implementation. Progress demands your time, energy, and resources. All these sounds simple but ask a successful individual or follow their lifestyle, you will get their part of the story – the ups and downs of life and the path to progress, the bad days and good days, the days when nothing goes right, and the day that ends with a big smile.

Progress is a bigger perspective of life. A single day cannot define your progress. You cannot scale it up by focusing on a single day.

Progress almost looks like this graph. There are bad days and good days. On that particular day when you are completely or partially blank or you literally fail to accomplish most of your daily tasks doesn’t mean progress is stalled.  When you are aiming for progress, there is something that you want to change, i.e. your mindset. Let go of the bad days. Bad days teach you some good lessons. Accept these lessons as your resources. Your consistency, determination, and attitude toward your purpose pay in the end.

Let not a single day define your progress.

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