Deadlines are Commitments

In the corporate world, relationships are highly sophisticated. Every channel of relationships matters here – relationships with investors, employees, customers, retailers, suppliers, wholesalers, logistics services, and many more. It takes years to develop strong bonding with people, groups, and business partners. The system itself is mammoth and intensively connected. Be careful when you approve a deadline for any project or anything to anyone. Just the moment you promise to adhere to the deadline, it creates an expectation in the other party. When you say, “you can expect a confirmation mail today” or “we’ll get back to you by Saturday” or “the payment will be cleared by Wednesday”, you are committing to something. They’ll wait for your response or commit to their clients or business partners on the basis of your promise.

A deadline is a commitment!

In the corporate world, sticking to your commitment is a great virtue. It pays remarkably.

Repetitive failure to deadlines damages an individual’s or organization’s reputation. A brand loses trust when deadlines are missed. Failure to adhere to deadlines tarnishes the brand image in all other allied channels as well. If you fail to pay your suppliers as promised, you will lose the trust of transporters or warehouse owners as well. If you miss the deadlines to supply the ordered products to retailers, their customers will also lose trust in you. Failure to keep your promise is taken seriously.

A deadline is a commitment!

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