Personal Branding is all about how you want the world to perceive you

You already have a professional identity. You also have a social identity. Sometimes, people’s social and professional identities merge – if not a hundred percent, at least to some extent. Sometimes, it doesn’t happen. It depends on your social and professional environments. In this era of extreme physical and virtual connectivity, it is hard to keep these two identities different.

There is nothing new in the concept of personal branding except the term “Personal Branding”.

Your personal branding redefines your professional identity. In the long run, it might cover up your social identity as well. Personal branding is your conscious effort to define your identity – the way you want the world to perceive you.

When something needs your conscious effort, it is obvious that it needs good planning and implementation. Years of hard work and consistency ultimately help you develop your personal brand. When your effort is conscious and consistent and when you start liking the way people know and interact with you, your effort to personal branding is fulfilled. A time comes when your older version assimilates with your newer version. Personal branding is all about remodeling yourself.

Successful personal branding is a powerful tool for growth. You set a standard for yourself –

  • Professional goal is defined
  • Lifestyle is defined
  • People’s outlook on you is defined

When personal branding works well, it makes you more important in the organization –

  • Your employer finds you more trustworthy
  • Your achievements are recognized
  • Your decision matters to the organization
  • Your demand increases in the job market
  • Your team finds a good leader in you

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