Is Failure an End or a New Beginning?

What happens when someone fails?

  • They accept the result and never returns (quit)
  • They may get frustrated and stressed
  • They get up, refresh and get ready for another attempt

Too few belong to the third category.

Too many belong to the second category.

And a good number of people belong to the first category.

Of course, a failure

  • Exhausts your energy
  • Exhausts your resource
  • Exhausts your time

What else can you expect from a failure?

Failure is not a point that makes you clueless about where to move next. Failure is a circumstance. Your contemplation of the circumstance determines whether a failure fails you or lets you find your weaknesses. Your body language, your planning, and the way you reset your lifestyle reflect your mindset. You may either call it a day or emerge as a more determined and resilient version of yourself.

Failure can be your “friend, guide, and philosopher” or it can be an astute invisible antagonist that confuses you.

Is failure a step forward to success or a reason to stop dreaming? Is it a way of finding what can go wrong or a reason to curse yourself? Can it become a magnifying glass to spot your weakness or accept yourself as weak? Is failure a resource or retirement package?

It’s all up to you – your psychological construct is incredible.  

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