The Problem Loop

When the problem is a complicated one, most of our thoughts are concentrated on it. Day and night, in the morning, on the bed, at midnight, in the bathroom, while driving, and even at the office desk, the thoughts of the problem and its consequences keep us engaged in some way or the other. For a moment, we may develop a few possible solutions but our attention comes back to the same problem and all its predictable consequences again and again. Over time, it develops anxiety. We then start living the problem. It works in the background the whole day. Whatever we do, it never leaves us. Solutions and hopes spark from time to time but thoughts go back to the problem. Life becomes complicated. Now solutions seem unrealistic and unattainable. We now create a bigger picture of the problem as if it has no solution. It generates more anxiety. It hampers daily chores, disturbs personal and social life, and makes it tough to concentrate on any work.

This happens to weak individuals – they are psychologically weak and disordered. They cannot get rid of the problem loop. They love to reside in it. After a few days, the problem itself creates a comfort zone.

A strong individual never resides in a problem. They cannot let the problems control them. They quickly find the possible solutions and start finding the resources to work on the best possible solution to the problem. They don’t break down or stop on the way anticipating this solution wouldn’t work. They shift to another solution if the previous one doesn’t work. 

A problem loop gets tougher and tighter with time. If we cannot think up ways to break the vicious circle, life would be hale. 

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