A puzzle called marketing

Marketing is not a set of theories or models that you could implement anytime anywhere. Marketing is not data and data interpretation that you think empowering you.

Hundreds of examples could be set when the previous year’s toppers shattered this year. They had everything that means empowerment in marketing yet they failed. Again, hundreds of examples could be set when the tiniest startups with completely new concepts have become corporate Mughals within a decade.  

It’s simple yet tricky.  Marketing is straightforward but not effortless. Marketing needs planning yet instant decisions matter a lot. Marketing needs historical data analysis yet the market may behave differently. Sometimes models work perfectly sometimes models fail. Sometimes consumer behavior is predictable, sometimes confusing.

Marketing Management is perhaps the most sought-after field. It is stuffed with the highest number of models and theories. It’s the most focused part of an organization. It’s where top management pays more attention than anything else. Marketing is always the priority as it’s the window connecting a firm to the world. The marketing team of an organization enjoys maximum privileges and the quickest promotions. Still, marketing management is confusing!

Hundreds of models and theories are there but that may not work.

The lowest-paid marketing personnel who did not get any attention for months or years can become a pillar of your team or organization.

The brightest guy in the marketing department may resign suddenly.

A brilliant model that might have given awesome results in the previous month may flop this month.

A riddle! A mystery! What marketing exactly is? The search is still on.

Peter Ducker said “Marketing is so basic that it cannot be considered a separate function….”

Its omnipresence makes it multifaceted. Everyone has their respective ideas and perspectives of marketing.

The mystery makes the field so interesting and innovative!

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