Change is inevitable … “I know” sucks

Change is inevitable whether you want it or not, whether you perceive it or not. Change comes silently, naturally, and sometimes deliberately. If you don’t accept the change, you’ll stop growing. Once you stop growing, life becomes dull, boring, and no less than “death”. This is true in both our personal; and professional lives.

Change brings new perspectives and new processes in an organizational environment. The same outcome with new technology or a different process. It’s challenging yet enjoyable. You need to be open to new skills. That will help you to adjust to changes.

“I know” sucks. If you “know” everything, you’ll never want to know the new aspects that change brings to your organization.  “I know” is a mental wall that never lets you enjoy the supremacy that changes bring – it’s the supremacy and control associated with “growth”.

Open to changes, open to new processes, be curious about new technologies and how the world has been changing for the betterment of civilization, ask questions, clear doubts. Change is the other name of growth – accept it.

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