Communication Climate: A vital aspect of organizational performance

A communication climate is a general term used to mention the relationships among the employees and workers who are in constant touch with one another due to their on-job activities.

Communication climate plays a vital role in the success of any types of business, small or large. In any dynamic business environment, one thing is common – a healthy communication climate in all layers of management. It happens even if they have hundreds of branch offices around the world. Just by observing the communication climate anyone can comprehend the ‘health’ of the organization.

Top brands sustaining in the market for years (some of which more than a century old) could be seen to have exemplary communication climate.

A positive communication climate is mandatory for achieving high targets, goodwill, and more customers. That means, a positive communication climate is conducive to “Branding”.

It develops a professional work culture where the management could easily implement organizational strategies, and the employees get sufficient freedom to prove their efficacy or narrate their problems to the management. As such, interpersonal communication is the most important factor in a communication climate. In an environment of positive communication climate, organizational performance reaches a different level. The work environment becomes electrifying.

The most important traits in a good communication climate:

  • Employees remain well-informed in any circumstances
  • Employer values employees’ opinions and give them due respects and responsibilities
  • Conflicts are resolved in presence of both the parties and as soon as possible
  • Professional disagreement on any matter from any hierarchy is promptly attended and resolved
  • Employees are given enough scope to speak their mind
  • The highest level of trust or reliability remains on the employees

There are several factors or soft skills essential to have a good interpersonal communication. In the Book, “Business Communication” the author A.C. Krizan and his colleagues have mentioned some essential factors for the development of strong communication climate. According to the author habits, attitudes towards work, personal ethics, and other personal qualities greatly influence the overall communication climate of an organization.

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